"In a representative private equity fund of about $20 billion in AUM, such gains would translate into a net impact of $20 million to $30 million annually. And a larger pension or sovereign wealth fund could see more than $100 million annually in net impact from effective knowledge management."


Competitive Advantage
Arm your team with easy access to differentiated insights

Increase Productivity
Help your team and portfolio companies level up

Create Platform Value  
 Enable secure sharing that generates value unique to your ecosystem

Unlock knowledge in your people networks

Lynk Circle is the purpose-built knowledge management solution, smoothly eases pain points throughout your organization.

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How are you engaging your portfolio companies? Add real value and help the broader teams at portfolio companies solve real problems.

Save portfolio companies time from figuring out repeat questions that others have looked into before.

Advisors, know-how and best practices are now easily accessible.

Create platform value with shared knowledge from your ecosystem.

Key features
  • Advanced Search
  • Rich Profile
  • Q&A
  • Documents
  • Articles
  • Teams at your portfolio companies can look up answers, advisors, service providers or documents. They can also share insights with each other.
  • Establish centers of excellence by functional areas across HR, Finance Ops, or Go-to-Market.

Go beyond third party expert networks that everyone else also uses. Secure differentiated insights and dedicated expert support to gain an advantage in evaluating deals.

Arm your team with differentiated external insights to uncover the best deals.

Engage experts in the market. Build loyalty and thought leadership.

Leave admin hassles from compliance to payment to us.

Key features
  • Advanced Search
  • Rich Profile
  • Q&A
  • 1:1 Calls & Transcription
  • Compliance & Payment
  • Set it up as a technical expert council to help you vet the technologies of your target companies.
  • Or, organize by your investment focus, such as a Healthcare expert network with medical doctors.

Recommend trusted execs, advisors or board directors to your portfolio companies so they can save time and cost in finding trusted talents

Add unique value and help your companies save time and grow.

Engage executives in the market. Build thought leadership.

Uncover passive talents to meet the hiring needs of your companies.

Key features
  • Advanced Search
  • Rich Profile
  • 1:1 Calls
  • Auto Transcription
  • Documents
  • Invite trusted talents, advisors or board directors from your firm's ecosystem to join the network. Open access to your internal team or portfolio companies to identify right talents any time.
  • Secure pipeline of specialist talents for your portfolio companies, such as engineers, enterprise sales execs, or digital marketers.

From Internal Investment team to managers at portfolio companies

Internal or external users can be invited to use Lynk Circle to more easily benefit from your value add

You’ll be in good company with other Lynk customers

Many innovative enterprises, fast growing businesses and organizations around the world use Lynk.

“Creating our own advisor network for our portfolio companies is a key differentiator. Lynk was the only suitable solution we could find”

Global Vice President, Private Equity Firm

"We can finally now interact in a scalable way with our portfolio companies. The digital interface serves as a resources hub to house all sorts of case studies and best practices"

Head of Platform, Venture Capital Firm

"Engaging our own unique network of advisors is giving us an unparalleled edge in this space"

Partner, Private Equity Firm

Lynk Circle works for you the way you need it to work

Highly configurable and secure. Advanced controls, permissions and comprehensive security features give Enterprise customers full control.

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Custom branding

Polish your Circle with your logo to align brand identity

Advanced permissions & secure access

Set access control for different types of users. Single sign-on (SSO) available

Configurable fields and functions

Custom fields and optional functions at your full discretion

Comprehensive infosec and data privacy

Enterprise-ready with ISO 27001 Certification

We make it effortlessly easy for you

Full range of support features for Enterprise plans

Beat the market

Lynk helps you get smarter

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