"Associations need to rethink how they can provide value to members when it comes to information and knowledge. Associations can play a role in helping members determine the most important and most relevant information for their needs."

- Exploring the Future of Membership, ASAE Foundation

Enhance Engagement
Digital interface for asynchronous sharing, complementing in-person interactions

Tangible Member Benefits
Help your members level up with easy access to your organization's network and knowledge

Create Platform Value 
Enable knowledge sharing to generate value unique to your ecosystem

Unlock knowledge in your organization

Lynk Circle is the purpose-built knowledge management solution, smoothly eases pain points helping your members connect

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In any organization, finding the right person with the right knowledge has not been easy. Associations can no longer rely solely on physical events for members to network and learn

Help new members ramp up faster to your organization's context and knowledge base

Build searchable institutional knowledge, adding real value to members

Flexible asynchronous knowledge sharing to complement in person events

Key features
  • Advance search
  • Rich profile
  • Q&A
  • Documents
  • Articles
  • Set up a Knowledge Hub for easy access to members for Q&A or 1:1 calls. Share best practices or updates via Documents. Publish event invitations, post-event video recordings and summaries in Articles.
  • You can even bring a mentoring program online with Lynk Circle. Or, you can set it up to offer network access for your corporate sponsors.

Supercharge your teams with customer insights to make informed decisions with efficiency.

Test new concepts with customers before investing significant time and capital

Drive conversions and grow revenue with actionable feedback and perspectives

Identify unmet needs by listening to stakeholders in their own voice

Key features
  • Advance search
  • Rich profile
  • Q&A
  • 1:1 Calls & Auto Transcription
  • Compliance & Payment
  • Invite your customers, prospects, or stakeholders. We can help you scale the network.
  • Run quick polls using Q&A or conduct 1:1 calls. Quickly get customer perspectives, and accelerate time-to-insights.

The world around us is changing quickly. Minimize risks in decision making by engaging diverse perspectives and insights.

Arm your team with external insights to complement internal expertise.

Stay ahead of the curve. Be forward-looking.

Engage your stakeholders. Build loyalty and thought leadership.

Key features
  • Advance search
  • Rich profile
  • Q&A
  • 1:1 Calls & Auto Transcription
  • Documents
  • Set it up as a customer advisory network, or supplier/service provider council.
  • You can also set up an open innovation, think tank, or industry advisory network with thought leaders, subject matter experts, or internal stakeholders.

You’ll be in good company with other Lynk customers

Many innovative enterprises, fast growing businesses and organizations around the world use Lynk.

“The RegTech Circle connects financial institutions and experts, the vendors, to engage in sharing of intelligence on regulatory technologies and their applications to facilitate commercial discussions and opportunities. We are able to exchange knowledge, network and connect driving collaboration across the industry.”

Alex Oxford, Board Director,
RegTech Association of Hong Kong

“We could no longer offer mentoring program in person and needed a way to bring it online. Lynk Circle is structured and yet configurable, exactly what we were looking for. This helps us engage with members that are not in the same location”

Australia Chamber of Commerce

"We have a vast network of startup members, advisors and service provider partners. Lynk Circle provides an easy-to-use venue for members to share asynchronously, while accumulating institutional knowledge for the network along the way"

Ir. Eric Chan,
Chief Public Mission Officer of Cyberport

Lynk Circle works for you the way you need it to work

Highly configurable and secure. Advanced controls, permissions and comprehensive security features give Enterprise customers full control.

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Custom branding

Polish your Circle with your logo to align brand identity

Advanced permissions & secure access

Set access control for different types of users. Single sign-on (SSO) available

Configurable fields and functions

Custom fields and optional functions at your full discretion

Comprehensive infosec and data privacy

Enterprise-ready with ISO 27001 Certification

We make it effortlessly easy for you

Full range of support features for Enterprise plans

Future-proof your association
Lynk helps you get smarter

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