How Lynk Circle Helps Member Associations Create Engaging Communities

Bhairavi Mohite
August 30, 2022

Member associations are challenged to increase influence and value for their members as they continue to grow their member base. 


Member associations find it challenging to fully embrace digital that could meet members' expectations in the new normal. Another major challenge they face is increasing member retention. 

Traditionally, they hold face-to-face networking events to connect members and share knowledge. Since the pandemic, people are getting more dependent on virtual events and it's likely that virtual events will stay even after the pandemic. With the accelerated digital transformation due to COVID, member associations must actively develop digital strategies built from a user experience perspective. As the number of members increases, associations need to make sure the vast data is stored in an organized and centralized manner. Hence, the organization could improve its efficiency and provide professional services to its members.

Member Associations’ Pain Points: 

  • Not having a trustworthy tech-savvy. platform where they can create collaboration opportunities;
  • Lack of user-friendly membership portals and reporting tools which makes it difficult to retain and engage members; 
  • Insufficient information about members and their expertise, what kind of value they could add to the community, how they can benefit from the community, etc;  
  • Inefficient searching tools when it comes to finding the right expertise; 
  • Improve member acquisition and retention;
  • Lack of centralized space to store files and data; 
  • Time is wasted by recovering the old data and starting with primary research.

How Lynk Circle Can Help: 

  • Member Profile/Data Management - Following the onboarding on Lynk Circle, members’ profiles are further enhanced through the use of  AI/ML technology to tag members with relevant topics based on what they have engaged in. Member's profiles are enriched beyond the basic work history and contact information and they can view each other's profiles before contacting them. Through every interaction between members, the profiles of members are continually enhanced over time.
  • Enhance Learning & Engagement - Being able to feed live profile data, and updates so that members can follow, engage, and learn from fellow members while staying updated with what is happening in the community. Organizations can also engage members with events and simple email marketing.
  • Advance Search - Team members can search within the member's organizations to see which members maybe be the subject matter of experts and unique insights they need using the Lynk Circle efficient searching tools and catalogs.

  • Events Management - Lynk Circle enables members to add both physical and virtual event information to the platform. Members can access transcripts of webinars or other virtual events for research analysis or to fill in any gaps in their knowledge. With Juven’s (Juven was acquired by Lynk) modules, the Circle provides flexible ticketing, a customizable event page, and payment solutions.  
  • All-In-One Platform to Connect Members and Available Knowledge - Members’ profile data beyond the standard work history is stored in one, secure location. It saves members’ time when it comes to finding relevant connections and networking opportunities. A survey showed that over half of its respondents who are members and association professionals saw networking as one of the most valuable association activities.
  • Easily Customizable Platform to Brand Your Organization - Organization can add their logos to the platform, making it personalized as per their branding. 
  • Return on Investment - Lynk Circle helps create a strong ROI game for the paid members as they are able to manage their knowledge and resources in a well-organized manner. 


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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

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