Lynk Circle Helps a Global Private Equity Firm Improve Direct Engagement with Advisors

October 20, 2022

In the current economic environment, reducing costs while increasing agility is at the top of investment management firms' minds. Private equity firms need configurable solutions to meet their unique needs when it comes to managing a vast number of contacts and enhancing engagement. 

Client Situation:

A global private equity firm was seeking solutions to manage its growing number of industry contacts. The firm’s corporate access team found it costly and burdensome to manage compliance work (including extensive paperwork), payment flows, and background checks while keeping the members’ record private.


  1. The firm lacks a private network to manage the growing number of industry contacts. 
  2. The external network is unable to guarantee privacy, thereby increasing the likelihood that records would be leaked to competitors.
  3. Hefty expenses are required to engage through an external network while the contacts belong to the firm. 
  4. Managing legal paperwork and payment flows is burdensome for each project engagement.

How Lynk Circle helped:

  1. Lynk helps the firm build up a private advisory network within 4 weeks.
  2. The team was able to taut their contact lists and engage with the members exclusively. 
  3. Users across the firm can easily schedule Q&As and consultations to timely access the on-the-ground insights they need, and they are able to access information from past sessions all in one platform. 
  4. The platform enables the team to interact through auto-transcribed conversations and has smart access to all documents on the platform. 
  5. The firm could handle hassle-free administration while onboarding members, and further operations like explaining workflow, processing seamless payments, and handling compliance issues. 
  6. It is estimated that Lynk helps the firm save 30% in total cost compared with using external networks.

Overall, the private equity firm was able to regulate its compliance checks and payment processes, and exclusively engage and maintain its experts/members' contact records with Lynk. By engaging with contacts, and experts directly, the firm significantly saved time, and cost and improved efficiency. 


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Thursday, October 20, 2022

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