Lynk Platform Updates: Expand Knowledge Sharing with Shared Workspace

June 20, 2022

When it comes to project and knowledge management, businesses and organizations are facing challenges such as lack of systematic documentation, inadequate interactions within the team, and the ability to keep the right resources. 

Most of the time, getting the archives and keeping the team on the same page consumes a lot of time while lacking the capacity to innovate and achieve business goals. In response to such challenges businesses face, Lynk released an upgraded feature that enhances how our users can share workflow amongst their team members on Lynk Answers and Lynk Circle. Using the shared workspace, Lynk users can improve efficiencies whether it is to manage insights gathered from Lynk experts on Lynk Answers or to manage their own knowledge networks on Lynk Circle. The shared workspace enables users to save the time they would spend digging up the archives for new projects, hence improving their research and decision-making process. 

Optimizing Research Processes & Enhancing Interactions Across the Team

Lynk upgraded its workspace feature with Shared Workspace. Shared Workspace helps teams to share knowledge resources with nonmember users of the same account which could reduce duplication of efforts and time while helping new joiners ramp up faster. 

While creating a workspace, users will get an option to select the visibility of the workspace—Private or Shared, and switch the modes as needed. The ‘Shared Workspace’ can be searched and viewed by non-members of the same account; they can request the workspace owners to join the same. 

Key Benefits of the Shared Workspace 

  • This feature allows users to level up research processes by making them more efficient and faster, as required resources could be found with just one search;
  • As for 1:1 calls, users can find the recordings, transcripts, and project information all in one place;
  • Data from the past is secured in a structured manner to be found as a reference for any user searching for insights, which also reduces the chances of data duplication;
  • A simplified and centralized knowledge resource space to store files, apps, survey data, reports, design templates, pdfs, imageries, etc;
  • Encourages productivity, flexibility, more collaborations among team members or users’ people network, and better time management;
  • Provides consistent and smooth user experience to the users; 
  • Convenient knowledge transfer as new joiners get a resource base to start with and the ones leaving the company—data and past interactions stays intact.

Start Today with Lynk

Lynk powers the new knowledge economy through its AI-driven knowledge management platform, which enables efficient access to seek, build and share credible human expertise at scale. The company's market-leading product offerings, Lynk Answers and Lynk Circle, provide enterprises with fast, convenient, and cost-effective ways to organize, connect and engage with individuals that have relevant expertise and experience.

Leading global enterprises, ranging from institutional investors, investment banks, Fortune 500 companies, fast-growth start-ups and the Big 4, have chosen to rely on Lynk's solutions to create a knowledge advantage. Lynk has established a multi-faceted Global Alliance with UBS Group and is ISO27001 certified. For more information, visit


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Monday, June 20, 2022

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