Message from Lynk CEO and Founder

Peggy Choi
May 6, 2022

Unveiling Lynk Circle:
Our AI-Driven Solution For You To Create Your Own Knowledge Networks

We are beyond proud to unveil our latest solution Lynk Circle, a purpose-built AI-driven solution that unlocks knowledge in people networks. The solution has emerged from stealth mode since its release a year ago. Today’s announcement of Lynk Circle is a result of a culmination of learnings we accumulated from helping our customers unlock external human insights and realizing that what they also need is a way to organize and manage knowledge both internally and externally.

Why did we create Lynk Circle?

We use document applications to create documents to jot down and showcase our ideas, analyses, and recommendations. We use wikis to log and share information within our organizations. There are also many workflow and productivity tools to help us work better. But why do businesses still list knowledge management among the biggest issues affecting their success? Recent trends such as remote work have also added to the problem. ​​

Knowledge management is the fastest-growing area of AI spending globally, according to Gartner, overtaking virtual assistants as the top AI use case. Reportlinker also indicates it will continue to snowball and gain significant traction:  the market will reach an estimated $1.1 trillion by 2026, up from $381.5 billion in 2020.

In developing ways to manage knowledge, the immediate temptation often is to transfer the context and information in our heads onto documents. But, it is impossible to capture everything. The more information we have to sift through, the more we want the right person to tell us their insights and to help us validate that we are on the right track. 

People are the missing piece in knowledge management. So, rather than building a substantial library of documents that reduce the need for interaction, knowledge management can be enhanced with a system that helps you find the right person with the right knowledge. 

Adding to the complexity is the fact that knowledge does not flow in a single dimension but flows within networks that have different contexts, goals, and behaviors. For example -

  • Employees within an organization
  • Businesses with their customers or partners
  • Communities of practice or interest
  • Membership associations with their members, and corporate sponsors
  • Investors with their portfolio companies
  • And many more…

That's where Lynk Circle comes in. We have created and developed a flexible system where these knowledge networks can be formed and facilitated for knowledge to flow naturally and efficiently. You can invite users to your own custom-branded Circle, or the system can auto-create profiles for them. You can configure interaction formats and optional add-ons such as compliance checks and payment processing.

The vision is to create a platform of knowledge networks.

With Lynk Circle, you can create knowledge networks and make them work the way you want them to work. In fact, we use Lynk Circle ourselves to power our global network of experts that many of you have access to. A growing range of enterprises, small businesses, and organizations already use Lynk Circle to organize: 

  • Knowledge Hub for their employees, members, or portfolio companies to help them level up their work, improve productivity and help new joiners ramp up faster
  • Customer Insights Network to engage prospects, customers, and stakeholders and enable teams to gather customer and stakeholder insights efficiently
  • Advisory Network as a think tank or innovation network with thought leaders, subject matter experts, and internal stakeholders
  • Expert Network such as a Technical Expert Council that evaluates certain tech investments. Directly engage experts, secure differentiated insights, and go beyond third-party expert networks that everyone else also uses.

Read more about Lynk Circle in our press release and this article on VentureBeat.

We would like to thank you for your continued support. Lynk Circle is a major milestone in what’s yet to come.  We stay committed to our mission to make access to knowledge more efficient.  


Peggy Choi

Lynk CEO and Founder 


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Friday, May 6, 2022

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